We are family

We are family

50 years of intensive work.
50 years of passion.
50 years of terroir wines with special character.

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Authentic, Expressive, Unique

Terroir wines with outstanding character.

3 unique vineyard locations/3 expressive terroirs/ 3 authentic wines.

The single vineyard project places the vineyard locations of Buchholz, Glen and Mazon on center stage. In spite of the geographical proximity and the different altitudes of the vineyards, the Giovanett family succeeds in highlighting the different nuances and producing three wines of strong character.


Mont Mès

An appealing freshness and vitality characterise the wines of the young Mont Mès line. The balance of elegance and lightness promises uncomplicated drinking pleasure.


Wines with an incomparable personality, characterised by their respective origins, form the winery’s representative selection line.

Burgum Novum

Distinctive wines with power and expression represent the Burgum Novum line. Aft er precise and gentle manual work in the vineyard as well as in the cellar, the complex premium wines are given 3 years time to develop their full potential in peace.

Single Vineyards



Would you like to get to know us and our wines?

We are looking forward to your visit in our Castelfeder Wineshop in the historic centre of Neumarkt/Egna. Guided winery tours: We are also happy to offer individual tastings with guided tours of our winery in Kurtinig / Cortina s.s.d. Vino. To ensure a great visit, we kindly ask you to book in advance at +39 0471 812 928 or visit@castelfeder.

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Günther Giovanett has developed a business model based on the families good relations and friendships with various winegrowers all over Italy.  For almost 20 years, Castelfeder has been selling wines of these wineries in Europe in addition to their own wines. The range currently includes about 25 partners with a total of 125 wines. A great variety of wines in diverse locations, denominations, climatic zones in the most famous regions of Italy all produced by small to medium-sized wineries.

"We have relied exclusively on collaboration with wineries that share our values."Günther Giovanett