We are family

We are family

50 years of intensive work.
50 years of passion.
50 years of terroir wines with special character.

As is generally known, good viticulture needs time - 50 years of experience in viticulture and the discipline and energy of the Giovanett family are the base of this unique story.

Handmade & Crafted

Since the foundation of Castelfeder Winery by Alfons Giovanett in 1969, many things have changed. The portfolio has been extended production has been expanded, the winery's processes have been modernised and the market has become more international. The winery, meanwhile in family hands for 3 generations, manifests its character from a symbiosis of tradition and pioneering spirit.

Tradition & innovation

Today, grapes from 70 hectares of vineyards are vinified in total. Approx. 70 % are white varieties with a concentration on Chardonnay, Pinot Bianco, Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon. The remaining 30 % are red grape varieties, and here the Pinot Noir is clearly in the focus. Since 2011 the family is also dedicated to the Mosel region of Germany, cultivating the steep slope Riesling vineyard Sorentberg. Despite new challenges such as climate change, market expansion and new trends in the wine industry, the family has managed to balance the between tradition and modernity, with great sensitivity.


Günther Giovanett


Sandra Giovanett

CFO, Staff, Administration

Ines Giovanett

Director of Sales Worldwide, Marketing, Purchasing

Ivan Giovanett

Winemaker, Director of Viticulture/Production

Extended family


Lars Auerbeck

Sales Director Germany/Area North

Mark Berger

Sales Manager Germany /Area South

Daniela Broukx

Order processing, European Union

Erica Dal Farra

Onlineshop & Marketing

Michaela Eisenstecken

Payment & Commission Manager

Frederike Atz


Nina Pichler


Mauro Barbi


Luca Moser


Mirco Nardon

Cellar Team

Nicholas Dallona

Cellar Team

Enrico Ferrari


Marvi Zanol

Order processing, Worldwide

Luca Naron


Eraldi Qoqi


Artiol Qose


Francesco Asson


Marialuise Anrather

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